Wish Bracelet Gift Kit

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Wish bracelets are a simple bracelet to bring good wishes to the wearer and our Wish Bracelet kit has all the you need to make four of these cute gifts to bring good times to others.

Keep one for yourself and share the remaining wishes around. Make a wish as the thin bracelet is tied on to your wrist and when the cord breaks the wish will come true.

We've put everything together in this kit, the cords, charms, printed cards and full colour instructions. 

The cards are printed with a simple verse 'Close your eyes and make a wish, then put this bracelet on your wrist, when the bracelet breaks in two, the wish you made may soon come true'

After the jewellery is made the Pipkit box can be repurposed, we suggest storing pencils in them, use them to store jewellery and trinkets or cut a slot in the lid to turn it into a money box, we’d love to hear of anything else they become in their next life, let us know on our social channels.

The boring bit: Suitable for age 6+. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 14 years old. All our Pipkits conform to CE & UKCA standards.

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