Blueberry Berries Bag Charm Kit

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The juicy rich colour of these kits were the inspiration behind the name of this Berries Range, with Raspberry, Blackberry & Blueberry colourways available.

Create a colourful & sturdy bag charm perfect for personalising school & activity bags so the kids never bring home someone else's homework & smelly trainers. Thoroughly tested by Oscar your average 10 year old, this bag charm outlasted the school bag!

We've included a chunky bag clip, strong cord & large beads to make this bag charm. Follow the design in the full colour instructions, which involves simple knotting and no tools, unless you need to snip off any excess cord, then scissors maybe needed.

After the bag charm is made the Pipkit box can be repurposed, we suggest storing favourite trinkets, use as a pencil pot or cut a slot in the lid to turn it into a money box, we’d love to hear of anything else they become in their next life, let us know on our social channels.

We recommend these for children aged 6 years and over.

Our kits are tested to conform to CE & UKCA standards.